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Nagri Hospital and Research Centre News :
24. 05. 2010 :
Health Camp organized by World Bank and Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. in association with Nagri Hospital & Research Centre, Piska Nagri, under RSBY Health Scheme, on 24/05/2010 in the campus of PHC, Nagri and on the health camp was again organized under the supervision of the same at Mander Block, Vill. - Tangerbasuli, in a school campus. In these health check-up camps number of patients visited and the team of doctors reviewed about 250 patients with different disease. These patients were treated and examined by our doctors and medicines are also provided to them free of cost.
This program was a great success under the supervision of Mr. Dough Johnson, World Bank Consultant,RSBY, Mr. Jagannath Mishra, Senior Manager Cholamandalam MS, Mr. Prem Mishra, Claim Head, Mr. Tuntun Roy, Dist. Co-ordinator and Mr. Arif Hassan, Director, Nagri Hospital & Research Centre, Piska Nagri, Md. Hasim, President of PEACE, an NGO working in Health, Education and Livelihood Sector. This program is also supported by local social workers, Members of Panchayat and villagers. This program is supported by all groups and ages and the villagers were very happy about this as in their opinion this is the best health program ever started by the Central and State Govt. for the poor and needy villagers, who have not enough to eat even two meals in a day.
This is why this health program have to be continued for the poor and needy BPL Families in the future by all the authorities of Central & State Govt., Insurance Companies and Hospitals listed in this program.

Mr. Dough Johnson,
World Bank Consultant, RSBY.

The program photo gallery :

pic/DSC00094.jpg pic/DSC00095.jpg pic/DSC00096.jpg pic/DSC00097.jpg pic/DSC00099.jpg pic/DSC00100.jpg pic/DSC00101.jpg pic/DSC00102.jpg pic/DSC00103.jpg pic/DSC00104.jpg pic/DSC00105.jpg pic/DSC00106.jpg pic/DSC00107.jpg pic/DSC00108.jpg pic/DSC00109.jpg pic/DSC00110.jpg pic/DSC00111.jpg pic/DSC00112.jpg pic/DSC00113.jpg pic/DSC00114.jpg pic/DSC00115.jpg pic/DSC00116.jpg pic/DSC00117.jpg pic/DSC00118.jpg pic/DSC00119.jpg pic/DSC00120.jpg pic/DSC00121.jpg pic/DSC00122.jpg pic/DSC00129.jpg pic/DSC00132.jpg pic/DSC00134.jpg pic/DSC00135.jpg pic/DSC00136.jpg pic/DSC00140.jpg pic/DSC00141.jpg pic/DSC00142.jpg pic/DSC00143.jpg pic/DSC00144.jpg pic/DSC00145.jpg pic/DSC00146.jpg pic/DSC00147.jpg pic/DSC00148.jpg pic/DSC00149.jpg pic/DSC00151.jpg

21. 02. 2010 :
Peoples Education and Action for Community Empowerment in collaboration with Nagri Hospital & research Centre, Piska Nagri, Ranchi conducted a General Health Camp on 21/02/10 at Narkopi Bazar Thar, Bero, dist- Ranchi. This area is about 65 KMS from the Ranchi Headquarters and backward in health awareness. Due to this we had organized a general health camp. In this we provided free checkups, medicine and even suggestions if the patient has operative case or not. About 650 patients were treated. In future we look forward to organize this type of health camps in different areas. The panel of doctors included in this were:
Dr. A.K. Verma Orthopedic Surgeon.
Dr. A. Kumar MBBS, General Physician
Dr. Reena Godsera Gyn.
Dr. Z.A. Ansari MBBS, General Physician
Dr. Parvin Pankaj Dentist
Dr. Rajeshwar MBBS

The program photo gallery :

pic/DSC00034.jpg pic/DSC00036.jpg pic/DSC00045.jpg pic/DSC00046.jpg pic/DSC00047.jpg pic/DSC00050.jpg pic/DSC00053.jpg pic/DSC00054.jpg pic/DSC00055.jpg pic/DSC00056.jpg pic/DSC00057.jpg pic/DSC00061.jpg pic/DSC00063.jpg pic/DSC00064.jpg pic/DSC00065.jpg pic/DSC00066.jpg pic/DSC00067.jpg pic/DSC00068.jpg pic/DSC00069.jpg pic/DSC00070.jpg pic/DSC00073.jpg

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1500 Health Cards distributed by Nagri Hospital under the Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojna in Jharkhand with free insurance from ICICI Loambard health Insurance to each Health Card holder.
PEOPLES EDUCATION AND ACTION FOR COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT reffered as "PEACE" organized Free Health Checkup Camp together with The Indian Handicrafts Department Ranchi and ICICI Lombard Ranchi at Nagri Hospital and Research Center on 26/12/2009
The Indian Handicrafts Department Ranchi and ICICI Lombard Ranchi together with the help of Peoples Education and Action for community Empowerment (PEACE) organized a free eye checkup and general health checkup camp at Nagri Hospital and Research Center on 26/12/2009 for poor people and weaker section of society , where qualified doctors conduted general health checkup,eye checkup and instantly spectacles were distributed among the patients with no cost.

On the occasion following doctors treated the patients:
Dr. Sarvar Alam - Eye Specialist
Dr. Reena Godsera - Gynecologist
Dr. Arun Kumar - General Physician

The details of the program are as follows:
Patients treated : 272
Spectacles distributed : 156
Medicine distributed to pateints especially to poor patients.

The program was a big success with active participation of Mr. Provir Mukherjee, Mr. K.K Choudhary,Mr. Vijaykant Thakur, Md. Hasim, Mr. Arif Hasan.

The program photo gallery :

images/1small.jpg images/2small.jpg images/3small.jpg images/4small.jpg images/5small.jpg images/6small.jpg images/7small.jpg images/8small.jpg images/9small.jpg images/10small.jpg

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